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It all began when he looked up from his foxhole.  The make believe foxhole he dug in his back yard as a kid to take on the advancing "Germans" coming up the hill.  When he looked up from his backyard, he saw jets from El Toro Marine Air Station, which flew over his house every day.  All it took was one trip to the air show at that same base and Barry was hooked.  Riding in the family plane as a kid further set the hook and dreams of becoming a fighter pilot set in.  As fate would have it, the fighter pilot route never came to pass, but the dream never died.

With careers in professional tennis and broadcasting behind him, Barry turned back to aviation, always with the dream of flying warbirds.  Shortly after acquiring his private pilot's license at age 31, he was fortunate enough to acquire his first warbird, a Nanchang CJ-6A from China.  He instantly fell in love with the radial engines and a passion was born.  Not too long after that he established Worldwide Warbirds, Inc., in Chino, CA, which became one of the nation's top warbird restoration and brokerage companies.

Over the past 15 years Barry has been a leader in the warbird community, and for over a decade he has been restoring, selling, and instructing in piston and jet warbirds.  With over 3000 flight hours to his credit, including leading large formations at air shows across the country, Barry is now bringing that professionalism, passion, and enthusiasm to his solo T-6 act in the Pilot Maker, and is living proof that it's never to late to chase and achieve your dreams.

Barry resides in Lindon, UT, with his wife Ann Michelle and 6 appropriately troublesome children.

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